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I am a mid-thirties woman who is a full-time mom, wife, worker, and daughter and enjoys the outdoors. I got pregnant at 17, was married at 18, divorced at 26, and remarried at 29. I lost my father and survived a deployment with my husband in the same year. Amid the worst times is when I heard God’s voice the most. The fact that we think we aren’t good enough or doing enough isn’t a reflection of how God sees us. He sees us when we are crying on the bathroom floor so the kids don’t see us because we are so drained and overstimulated. He sees us when we are crying out to him because who you thought was the love of your life shattered your heart. He also sees us and celebrates with us during the best times of our lives. The only constant I have found in my life is God and I hope to share that with others.

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